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Research and publications


  • Sarah Wheeler, Dustin Garrick, Adam Loch and Henning Bjornlund, (2011), 'Incorporating Temporary Trade with the Buy-Back of Water Entitlements in Australia', CWEEP Research Paper 11-01
    » view publication [ PDF, 607KB ]



  • Maria A. García-Valiñas, Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira and Francisco González-Gómez, (2010), 'Water affordability: alternative measurement and explanatory Factors in Andalusia', CWEEP Research Paper 10-14
    » view publication [ PDF, 504KB ]
  • R.Quentin Grafton and Michael B. Ward, (2010), 'Dynamically Efficient Urban Water Policy',
    CWEEP Research Paper 10-13

    » view publication [ PDF, 429KB ]
  • Daniel Connell, (2010), 'Managing Climate Variability in Australia, South Africa, United States and Spain', CWEEP Research Paper 10-12
    » view publication [ PDF, 331KB ]
  • Quentin Grafton, Qiang Jiang, (2010), 'Economics of Water Recovery in the Murray-Darling Basin', CWEEP Research Paper 10-11
    » view publication [ PDF, 807KB ]
  • Ke Jian, (2010), 'Environmental Pollution, Justice, and Trans-Boundary Water Management in China', CWEEP Research Paper 10-10
    » view publication [ PDF, 468KB ]
  • Quentin Grafton, Clay Landry, Gary Libecap, Sam McGlennon, Bob O’Brien, (2010), 'An Integrated Assessment of Water Markets: Australia, Chile, China, South Africa and the USA', CWEEP Research Paper 10-09
    » view publication [ PDF, 701KB ]
  • Quentin Grafton, Hoang Long Chu, Michael Stewardson and Tom Kompas, (2010), 'Optimal Dynamic Water Allocation: Irrigation Extractions and Environmental Tradeoffs in the Murray River, Australia', CWEEP Research Paper 10-08
    » view publication [ PDF, 655KB ]
  • Daniel Connell and R. Quentin Grafton, (2010), 'Water Governance in the Murray-Darling Basin: Challenges and Opportunities', CWEEP Research Paper 10-07
    "Paper is temporarily unavailable for download. Please contact the authors directly."
  • Daniel Connell, (2010), 'Sustainability and the National Water Initiative', CWEEP Research Paper 10-06
    » view publication [ PDF, 691KB ]
  • Maria A. García-Valiñas, Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira, Francisco González-Gómez, (2010), 'Water Affordability: Alternative measurement and explanatory factors in Andalusia', CWEEP Research Paper 10-05
    » view publication [ PDF, 377KB ]
  • R. Quentin Grafton, (2010), 'Economics of Water Reform in the Murray-Darling Basin', CWEEP Research Paper 10-04
    » view publication [ PDF, 208KB ]
  • Qiang Jiang, (2010), 'An overview of the Integrated Irrigated Agriculture Water Model (IIAWM) of the Murray Darling Basin', CWEEP Research Paper 10-03
    » view publication [ PDF, 964KB ]
  • Pamela Giselle Katic, (2010), 'Spatial dynamics and optimal resource extraction', CWEEP Research Paper 10-02
    » view publication [ PDF, 685KB ]
  • R. Quentin Grafton, Qiang Jiang, (2010), 'Economics of Drought, Water Diversions, Water Recovery and Climate Change in the Murray-Darling Basin', CWEEP Research Paper 10-01
    » view publication [ PDF, 392KB ]
  • R. Quentin Grafton, Clay Landry, Gary D. Libecap, R.J. (Bob) O’Brien, (2009), 'Water Markets: Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin and the US Southwest', CWEEP Research Paper 09-02
    » view publication [ PDF, 411KB ]
  • R. Quentin Grafton, Tom Kompas, Hang To, Michael Ward, (2009), 'Residential Water Consumption: A Cross Country Analysis', CWEEP Research Paper 09-01
    » view publication [ PDF, 915KB ]

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